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I'm doing better, so thanks for your lovely thoughts and comments. *hugs*

Have I mentioned already that I'm kinda in a writing crisis? It's not a writer's block anymore – it's a real crisis.

It started like two weeks ago when I read that fantastic Little Miss Sunshine fic. The characterization was awesome, the plot, the pace. I loved it. And usually, such well written fics inspire me to write better, this fic made me think that I'll never be able to write on such a level, so I could just give it up completely.

I'm not even jealous or anything, I'm just in awe. And I try to get over that feeling of wanting to quit, because even though I'm just mediocre to good in my better days (means when I don't suffer from writer's block, that is), writing makes me happier/keeps me more sane, if you know what I mean... I'm not writing because I want all the internet-fame, I'm writing for myself in the first place. Other people reading it is just the sweet cherry on top ;)

Were you in such a situation before, my dear fellow creatives? How did you handle it?

I haven't written a word since then, but instead started to read in a tiny German fandom, that I didn't even know existed. It's a German crime-series and I'm not even watching it, but people manage to black-out their bingo-cards with it and that made an impression on me, so I started to read it, just out of curiosity, to see HOW and now I've spent the entire week reading it all and somehow it made me miss writing and gave me confidence? Hope? Made me think that quitting would really suck.

Maybe I'll re-watch Little Miss Sunshine tomorrow, and well, we'll see what happens...
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And I love it!

Also I have to talk about J. Edgar, The Avengers and X-Men: First Class so there will be spoilers )

Also, to all AO3 users: is it possible to make fics there only visible for AO3-members? And speaking of it, I keep forgetting my password there. Useless!
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Happy Holidays, my dear f-list! *group-hugs you all*

As you can see I watched Love... actually again and this quote hits so close to home! Also, you just can't go wrong with a film where Martin Freeman is a porn body double and yet manages to be as adorable as nothing else!

I don't like Christmas at all, for many reasons, but this year everything is more bearable, kind of likeable even... I'm very pleasantly surprised, to be quite honest. And so touched, because so many people thought of me! You know who you are, so thank you for your kindness! *squishes* I hope your Christmas is lovely so far.

In other news, this post is going to be about TV because I watched Generation Kill, The Hobbit and a few other things )

Btw, tonight is the night where I'm gonna watch The Avengers for the first time ever. My expectations are pretty high, and I blame it on Tumblr... You better be good, Avengers!
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How is it possible that Kelsey Grammer robbed Bryan Cranston's award? The only person who is allowed to get an award in the same category when Bryan Cranston is nominated would be Steve Buscemi, okay? But not for season 2 (not because he wasn't good. For personal reasons only), which automatically means that the award belongs to Bryan Cranston and Bryan Cranston ONLY!

I actually hoped Kanye West would get on stage and be all VMA's 2009!
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Sorry, but yes. See here because I really have no words. No words. It's 2008 for fuck's sake.

Plus, there is an openly gay actor in the cast of the show....
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There is even a community for fandom moodthemes, but of course there is no moodtheme for Mike and Linc from Prison Break, yet.

So I requested one. And guess what? People were so sweet to point out to me an "brothers & Tancredi"-moodtheme.

When you know ma a little you can certainly imagine how thrilled I was about that one. But I thought: "Okay, so I just take the parts with her out" and of course it turned out that she had the best parts and there was 6 moods with the brothers actually together...

50 with Tancredi and like 6 with Mike and Linc together. Oh, joy!

So I'll let my mood for a moodtheme pass.

And no, I dont want to have a general Prison Break moodtheme, because in that case I'd have to deal with Tancredi AND Mahone, and having both of them on my LJ would make me very aggressive.

Is it normal to hate fictional characters that much?

No, don't answer that...
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Dear CSI and Prison Break,

I hate you today.

No love at all

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Dear f-list, did you watch this episode?

Spoiler and denial and panic under the cut )
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I changed my account back to the basic one. I miss my 9 icons, but I'll live with the 6.

From cancelling free accounts, there is just a little step to cancelling the plus ones and I don't like the idea...
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This Chase/Cameron thing is really annoying...


Mar. 7th, 2008 12:12 am
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No. Just no. No. Have I said "No" allready? No.

I'm so glad It's over now. i need a break. A long one. Because i allready hate the third season. Nonononono. No.
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I've read one of the worst spoilers for the third season of Prison Break ever and I hate it allready because this is so wrong on so many levels and

I do not want!

Yes, I'm a fangirl, hear me bitching!

Bad fics

Jan. 6th, 2008 09:21 pm
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make me cry. Seriously. There is this very long fics about the brothers and it's totally OOC and people love it! Why?

It's well written (I'mean the words) but the plot reminds me of a very cheap telenovela and the OOC-ness just makes me wanna hurt the writer! Really. I started to read it when I was new ot this fandom and stopped after the third part, because I coulnd't take it anymore. Now I click on a new part once in a while to read a few sentences and reassure myself that I can do better. (There are much better writers than me, but I can definitely do better than that)

Yes, it is AU, but that doesn't mean it can be OOC, for fuck's sake! If you cant write them in character, take your hands off! Write an original, when you have to, but don't fuck up my OTP!


Nov. 22nd, 2007 02:35 pm
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England is not qualified for the European Championship!

What the fuck is going on? Are you kidding me, England? Seriously, are you? Please say yes...
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I'm on massive Prison Break deprivation, because RTL won't show it tomorrow. Yes, I'm addicted and I miss my fandom!
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is married? He is born in 1984 and he is allready married? *rotflmao*

No. I mean, seriously. Just no.
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Seriously, what the FUCK, Wilson?!!!!!!!!!!
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What the fuck is going on? Deron Miller has left CKY? For World under blood? Like, seriously? I hope, Chad is kidding, because he's pissed off about his broken foot. I really hope, this is just a sick joke...

ETA: Not a bad pre-halloween joke. )

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