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Since yesterday was International Kissing Day and I had a lovely day at Cologne Pride with [ profile] leukocytes and [ profile] laurelin_g I'm in the mood for a delayed kissing!spam.

 photo canikissu_zps591755c7.gif

 photo puppykiss_zps33eba19b.gif
 photo catkiss_zps87d4d144.gif

Kylie and Dannii Minogue
 photo 1999_kylie_and_dannii_5.jpg

Mikey and Brian
 photo brianmikeycomicsstore.jpg

Noel and Liam Gallagher
 photo tumblr_lfw4i8FTeg1qayos4_zps852416fa.gif

Lilly and Marshall
 photo tumblr_lwaardA4Yn1qalg37o1_250_zps9ca2d075.gif

Lisbeth and Mikael
 photo lisbethmikaelkiss_zps4a77c60e.gif

August Diehl and someone
 photo augustkuesst_zps12e5d6a1.gif

Clea Duvall and her girlfriend
 photo cleagirlfriend1_zps5e98078a.jpg
 photo cleagirlfriend2_zps84dd0911.jpg

James Franco and Aaron Tveit
 photo tvanco2_zps0a4d3251.gif

Natalie Portman and Mila Kunis
 photo natalie-portman-mila-kunis-kissing-10_zps6b9e67d6.jpg

Iwan Rheon and someone
 photo tumblr_mg8qd1zQIZ1qzu6ivo2_r1_500_zpsb8bd3f56.gif

Neil Patrick Harris and David Burtka
 photo NPHLoveStories_3_zpscb86d810.jpg

Paul and Jacob
 photo jacobpaul_zpsae007c18.gif
(from The Following)

Charlie Cox and Rob James-Collier
 photo tumblr_lxxd6tgqOR1qaoevno1_500_zps357b07b4.gif
 photo tumblr_lxxd6tgqOR1qaoevno2_500_zpsaa16c92a.gif

Joseph Gordon-Levitt and a guy
 photo tumblr_loc9vmsOVD1qbo6afo1_500_zps9ffb688a.gif

Red Hot Chilli Peppers
 photo rhcp014006lk_zps84bd70f8.jpg

Christian and Olli (from a German soap that I'm not even watching)
 photo tumblr_lyox8m7CKc1rnmztoo1_250_zpsef913fdd.gif
 photo tumblr_lyox8m7CKc1rnmztoo2_250_zpse49429ff.gif
 photo tumblr_lyox8m7CKc1rnmztoo3_250_zps81879441.gif
 photo tumblr_lyox8m7CKc1rnmztoo4_250_zps0ebb8f98.gif
Too cute for words

Billie Joe Armstrong kissing guys
 photo billiemike2tf_zpsf028d0b4.gif
 photo post-118806-1111984927_zps9864ed25.jpg

Ewan McGregor and Hayden Christensen
 photo ewanhaydenkissanim_zps828228ce.gif

The Sirs
 photo thesirs_zps6d642755.gif
Still one of my favourites!

Neil Patrick Harris and Jason Segel
 photo nph-js-kiss_zps221f02dc.gif
aka my favourite kiss ever!

Nick Frost and Simon Pegg!!!!!
 photo Fregg.jpg
 photo fregg-5000volts1.jpg
 photo fregg-nmeawards_056.jpg
 photo fregg-simonbitelarge.gif
 photo fregg-kissy2_zpsdf367336.jpg
 photo freshfreggkiss_zpsd9603995.gif
I can not handle their adorableness!

Peter Doherty and Carl Barat
 photo libertines-171203_3_zps6c4c0f8a.jpg
 photo fmn9_zpsd164cd8f.jpg
 photo kussgif4_zps16428468.gif
 photo tumblr_lap48tYOPB1qcvjtxo1_400_zps0200a699.gif
 photo iloveyou_zps9c7ef0da.gif
Their tragic love always breaks my heart

Random kisses
 photo boykissing_zpsc71ef378.gif
 photo 4kisses_zps770e4df9.jpg
 photo badewanne_zps2114caaa.gif
 photo gamerskisses_zps226e973d.gif
 photo hello_zps355eeba4.gif
 photo tattoorubsoff_zps7bc54c33.jpg
 photo spideykiss_zps7799123e.jpg
 photo sittingmirror_zps8e41dca5.gif
 photo rosekiss_zps1764a107.gif
 photo sleepy_zps361e3ae9.gif
 photo tumblr_lx78tmFlhF1qf7r5lo2_250_zps8287882d.gif
 photo tumblr_lmjttmMkHi1qi4yx1o1_500_zps4de42fa3.gif
 photo tumblr_ln1lw4k6jA1qk1huoo1_500_zpsca619991.jpg
 photo tumblr_mew7crfxtf1qkaoj3o1_500_zps49979c17.png
 photo tumblr_mi1g23iRMr1qbq764o3_500_zps9a28bca5.gif
 photo welcomehomemarine_zps343d7df9.jpg
 photo tumblr_mp35x9Mgqa1qkaoj3o1_500_zps0e30eb33.jpg
 photo tumblr_m3fcdjPYKN1r7cwwzo1_500_zps7d42069b.gif
 photo tumblr_m2ya574oy31qbq764o1_500_zps21db7b15.gif
 photo tumblr_m2ruq9VRLV1qhhzvyo1_500_zpsaf7237e4.gif
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