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Post of shame

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Sep. 28th, 2014 05:24 pm
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I've stolen this one from [ profile] a_phoenixdragon

Please ask me questions about my OTPs in the comments! Any questions! All questions! Deep questions! Silly questions! Ship questions. (It doesn't even really have to be OTPs. Basically, anything you know I have ever shipped. And maybe even anything I haven't. Oooh, that could actually make this MORE interesting, if you wanted to asked about things I don't/might/once shipped.)

Also, I wanted to add more to this post, but my mind is blank...

Writing is going... somehow... Writing something with only one character is quite difficult and I have no idea how to reach the minimum wordcount of 500. *facepalm* It's making me so self-concious all the time, on the other hand it's so much fun to be able to play around with head!canon!
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It took me forever but I've finally managed to write something (aka my first FitzWard fic) and now I'm looking for a beta. Just posted a request over at [ profile] marvel_slash.

I'm so forgetful, it's starting to get ridiculous. I think "Oh, I have to do a post about this or that" and completely forget what it was 5 minutes later... *headdesk*
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The anniversary of Kurt's death made me remember all the grunge times and I'm listening to Mellon Collie and the Infinite Sadness which is pretty much one of the best albums ever ever ever ever recorded.

Sadly The Smashing Pumpking lost it over the years. Same goes for The Foo Fighters but I'll never stop loving The color and the shape

Oz and NCIS )

Writing isn't happening lately, but my eye seems to be a bit better so that may change soonish.
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Please tell me who you are and/or why you friended me, so I may friend you back.

In other news: LOTR-Fandom, what the hell are you doing to me? I watched the trailer for the second Hobbit movie and got all teary, and I don't even know why exactly! *lol*

A few days ago over at [ profile] lennongirl's I started a random rambling about my love for the fandom and my epic modern times!crack!AU (it's in German and 114 (DIN A5) pages long) and how I blame Thorin, Fili und Kili for discovering Legolas/Gimli as another one of my LOTR OTPs (I don't know exactly how that happened since they weren't even in the movie, but that's how I roll, apparently) and now I want to write a sequel with/about them.

And now that Pomodoro helped me finishing a fic that somehow grew out of control, I'm ready to take care of the fandoms and pairing I'm kinda missing. All I have to do now I to decide with which to start:

the [ profile] de_bingo prompts (the amnesty period ends this month), where I can write various pairings and languages, but don't have any ideas yet, OR the LOTR-sequel that I totally want to write right NOW, omg!

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I just need to tell you all that you are all awesome and I feel very glad and honored to have you on my f-list and I love you! Your entries are very inspiring and make my days!


I also want to talk about music (and maybe even mention writing). )
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I'm doing better, so thanks for your lovely thoughts and comments. *hugs*

Have I mentioned already that I'm kinda in a writing crisis? It's not a writer's block anymore – it's a real crisis.

It started like two weeks ago when I read that fantastic Little Miss Sunshine fic. The characterization was awesome, the plot, the pace. I loved it. And usually, such well written fics inspire me to write better, this fic made me think that I'll never be able to write on such a level, so I could just give it up completely.

I'm not even jealous or anything, I'm just in awe. And I try to get over that feeling of wanting to quit, because even though I'm just mediocre to good in my better days (means when I don't suffer from writer's block, that is), writing makes me happier/keeps me more sane, if you know what I mean... I'm not writing because I want all the internet-fame, I'm writing for myself in the first place. Other people reading it is just the sweet cherry on top ;)

Were you in such a situation before, my dear fellow creatives? How did you handle it?

I haven't written a word since then, but instead started to read in a tiny German fandom, that I didn't even know existed. It's a German crime-series and I'm not even watching it, but people manage to black-out their bingo-cards with it and that made an impression on me, so I started to read it, just out of curiosity, to see HOW and now I've spent the entire week reading it all and somehow it made me miss writing and gave me confidence? Hope? Made me think that quitting would really suck.

Maybe I'll re-watch Little Miss Sunshine tomorrow, and well, we'll see what happens...
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I hope the US part of my f-list is safe and Sandy didn't affect you too much. What the news are showing is terrible enough. Take care, everyone, please!

In other news, nanowrimo )
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I have no idea what to do in this post! *lol*

Because I wanted to do something completely differend, but [ profile] rei17 came up with the 5 acts meme/challenge/whatever and I got side-tracked... *lol* And because the entry needs to be public, I can't talk about the stuff I intended to talk about. Sounds kinky *ggg*

+ Post a list of your five favorite acts/kinks to read about. At the bottom of your post, add what fandoms/pairings you're interested in.
+ Read other people's lists here.
+ Post comment-fic based off of other people's interests

Read more about my kinks )
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Chose only one option, please
[Poll #1441352]
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I'm doing it! OMG!


I'm finishing a fic that I started a year ago or so! Which means that there is only one unfinished English fic left! That one I'm finishing right now is longerish again and it has porn, but I don't know if I'm entirely happy with it...
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Why do I have the need to write when I have to leave the house for real life crap? That's kinda useless...

To the writers on my f-list: How is your writing going, Sweethearts?
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because there are stil to many and I don't want to start another one


All Michael/Lincoln

a) [ profile] 1sentence Table set epsilon (22 sentences left) Finished on 21.01.09

b) my kink fic (after i found out that the tattoo is gone I lost my motivation, but I'm over it, so maybe I should try again...) Finished on 14.02.09

c) a sequel to "Sucre" (Well, technically it's still in my head, but it's too cute to drop it) Finished on 26.05.09

d) a translation of one of my favourites (I love that little thing to pieces, so I really have to share it with you. Hopefully soon) Finished on 23.01.09

e) a crossover (already started a months ago or so) Finished on 29.05.09


f) a crossover with Supernatural (I started it a while ago and completely forgot about it untill [ profile] lady_death brought it back to my mind. But I'm not sure if I manage to get the Winchesters in character...) Finished on 11.06.09

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in my InsaneJournal
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Death cab is such an awesome band! I haven't listened to them for months, until yesterday and they totally get me again. ♥

You are fighting a writer's block? Listen to Death cab, you won't regret it, I promise. They are so soft and sweet and lovely, you can seriously feel the music streaming through you, and you start to... you know... write... That's what happening to me almost each time I listen to them, at least...

*hugs [ profile] lifthrael, because we discovered them together*
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I took a day off from real life for writing. This pairing *points to icon* is so very very very awesome on so many levels. I hope this weekend will be the weekend of writing because I want to concentrate on real life a bit more next week. I hope it works out like I want it (my schedule says 40 hours per week), so I'll have free time and free weekends to do whatever the fuck I want *ggg*...
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Ich liebe dieses Wetter. Es ist kalt und es regnet und ich höre inspirierende Musik und hoffe, es hilft bei meiner Schreibblokade.

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