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What a horrible weekend. The Norwegian tragedy on Friday (my birthday will never be the same, ever, from now on), Amy Winehouse yesterday and the anniversary of the Love Parade stampede today. Usually I can handle such things. I feel sorry for the victims and everyone involved in whatever tragedy happened, yet can go on with my own stuff. But this weekend I can feel my coping mechanisms fail. It may be because all of it happened around my birthday or because I'm already stressed out by the thesis from hell, but I feel so incredibly drained...

That's why I came up with a Love-Picspam. Maybe it will help and make me feel a bit better, I don't know... It kinda turned into TSN-only. I promise to do one without them next week.

Way too many lovely pics and gifs )
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I've just heard that Ryan Dunn died in a car crash this morning.

This is a nightmare. I can't believe it. I can't even imagine Bam without him!


I love his ridiculous beard and tattoos and that old t-shirt he's wearing all the time... I love you Ryan and I'll never forget you...
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I can't believe it...

Michael Jackson is dead.

People drop dead like that, just from one day to the other, and that's insane... I have been a fan since I was 6 years old and even though my taste in music changed over the years, he was still awesome.

Thank you for the music, Michael Jackson, may you rest in peace and never be forgotten........
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I'm so shocked! He can't be dead! OMFG what is wrong with the world?
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Brad Renfro is dead...

I'm so shocked. I can't believe it!

Please tell me it's just a missunderstanding. Please...

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