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Post of shame

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because there are stil to many and I don't want to start another one


All Michael/Lincoln

a) [ profile] 1sentence Table set epsilon (22 sentences left) Finished on 21.01.09

b) my kink fic (after i found out that the tattoo is gone I lost my motivation, but I'm over it, so maybe I should try again...) Finished on 14.02.09

c) a sequel to "Sucre" (Well, technically it's still in my head, but it's too cute to drop it) Finished on 26.05.09

d) a translation of one of my favourites (I love that little thing to pieces, so I really have to share it with you. Hopefully soon) Finished on 23.01.09

e) a crossover (already started a months ago or so) Finished on 29.05.09


f) a crossover with Supernatural (I started it a while ago and completely forgot about it untill [ profile] lady_death brought it back to my mind. But I'm not sure if I manage to get the Winchesters in character...) Finished on 11.06.09

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in my InsaneJournal
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The Sarah Connor Chronicles did finally start on Pay TV in Germany and I loved the first episode. It was just like the movies, just... you know... shorter...*cough*

I loved the first two movies as a teenager and I have to admit that I squeed at Summer Glau's (who is amazing, btw) character's name (Cameron) and of course at: Come with me if you want to live

Because, yessssss, that was definitely a fangirl-y moment! ♥

In other news:

I always wanted to take part in the NaNoWriMo, but always failed because

1) 50,000 words in 30 days is a lot and I'm more the one-shot writer
2) I never had an idea which was complex enough for 50,000 words

so I decided to turn it into NaNoFiMo: National Novel/Fanfic Finishing Month. Basically the idea of it is to finish all the fics I've stopped writing years ago, because I am not interested in writing for the parings again or at least at the moment.

And that are the lucky participants: (all in German and one in Polish, btw)

a) 30_memories thing with Ville/Jess to write (not officially claimed though. And written in polish)
There are 9 parts left, so I'll start with that

b) Married Dungera fic
It doesn't have parts so it's hard to say exactly how much I have to write for it, but I have a vague
idea already and it won't be much

c) [ profile] 30_kuesse challenge for Seth/Ryan
That has the most parts to write: 23 but i want to use [ profile] 120_minuten to help me finish it.

d) LOTR AU!fic I started 6 years ago
At least 5 parts left

e) Fic about the car crash that Dungera had with Jess and Chris Raab years ago
I only have a promissing beginning yet, and I want to keep it centered on/about the Margera brothers

Shit, that looks like a load of work. What do you think? is it do-able?

And yes, I cheat a little and started yesterday already.

I miss my current shiny and lovable otp already... *sobs*

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