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I hope the US part of my f-list is safe and Sandy didn't affect you too much. What the news are showing is terrible enough. Take care, everyone, please!

In other news, nanowrimo )
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I hit 14k last night. I wanted to hit 15k but well, story of my life. Other than that, I sometimes love what I write and sometimes... not so much... It feels rather schizophrenic at times...
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Just read yesterday's entry with the day's goal. *lmao* failed. But at least I pased 12k. My goal for the 13th is to pass 15k.

But need some inspiration what to let happen next. Means reading fics, I guess.
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More than 700 words were written that day. Which is not much at all, but since I've written tem being totally distracted, I can live with it.

Today's official NaNo goal are 20k. My wordcount is 11265 in total, so let's go crazy and say anything between 14k and 15k would be awesome to reach today, okay?
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I wrote like 400 words that day, then got stuck, because the kid!fic plot was done (Well, maybe I'll come back to add random porn when all is said and done and I still have enough time and need more wordcount). Which I highly doubt, to be honest, because I'm almost 8000 words short. But I think I've got an idea now where to go from where I'm now.

It's time to start with the part that I've tried to write first, but had to start 3 times and it didn't work. I think I know how to handle it now.

What do you wish a writer? Good Luck? Break a wrist? (Because yes, I'm still doing it free hand)
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Wrote almost 1500 words and had way too little time because I had to write and send two job applications, so I'm very happy. Tired but happy.

The fic or rather the boys are leading me on a merry chase, but I love love love it!
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It has been a good day! I wrote almost 2000 words and yeah. The wordcount is still way way too little. But writing has been actually fun and cracky and yeah, I hope I'll catch up somehow.
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200 words. Seriously? It's getting ridiculous. Now I'm 7000 words short.
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Only 301 words were written that day. Sad. I need to write 1900 a day to be done in time. Right now I'm like 5300 under the given total... Well, but at least I like the story and writing it is fun. <3
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Remember remember, the 5th of November, 8335 words and plot.

Got the plot, well, kinda at least, but only 6005 words so far. Due to last night surprise gastric flu visit, I couldn't write more.
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5131 words at the end of the day. Goal of the day missed by 1550, but who is counting, right?

Other than that I've started a brand new fic yesterday and it went way better than the attempts before. Have written 7 pages yesterday, and it felt great. Still have no idea if I'll be able to catch up, thouh, but I'm not giving up yet.

And I have no idea what it's gonna be in the end: kid!fic? Crossover? Both? Can't say, we'll see...
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Approx 2500 words written in total. Which is less than half of the total goal to reach and meh.
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I'm 3000 words behind, because real life decided to be a bitch yesterday, but generally I can say that it's going better. Let's hope I'll be able to catch up today soon.

I still don't like the beginning, but I'm past it now and feel more comfortable with the things and twists that are ahead of me.

One thing that this whole NaNo experience confirmed for me was: I can't write when I don't know how to start. I don't need to know the middle or the end of a fic, but knowing the start beforehand is a must.
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First NaNoWriMo ever and it hates me already! My beginning sucks so much, it makes me agressive. I think I need to try something new and write non-linear. Which I haven't done before, but I need a new beginning.

And it's not the entire plot that sucks, it's just the beginning that is not right. The wordcount is a sad 962, so far, so really, not worth to be even mentioned here, but it's only the first of November, so I hope everything is not lost, yet.

Stay tuned for more whining in November, my dears.

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