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Dec. 31st, 2013 07:53 pm
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Yes, I'm still alive, it's just that I don't like this part of the year very much. So I spent the holidays mostly reading, watching TV and fighting off depression.

Yet, I wish all of you an amazing new year! May it bring you all you wish for and many more pleasant surprises, joy, sunshine, cookies and lovely stress-free hours! *squishes*

(A real post will follow soonish.)
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One of my favourite 'should be but isn't' holidays! That's why I decided to go through my gif folder which took half the day, because I have more than 3500 gifs and sadly only 6 were towel related, so feel free to add more gifs/pics in the comments.

 photo martin-bathtube.gif
Very random towel gifspam. Contains full front male nudity. )

I actually wanted to say more, but it took me too long to get the gifs together. *facepalm* There will be more next week.

Oh, @ my Tatort girls: I'm so ready for Lannert/Bootz tomorrow, you have no idea! *flails*
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Happy Holidays, my dear f-list! *group-hugs you all*

As you can see I watched Love... actually again and this quote hits so close to home! Also, you just can't go wrong with a film where Martin Freeman is a porn body double and yet manages to be as adorable as nothing else!

I don't like Christmas at all, for many reasons, but this year everything is more bearable, kind of likeable even... I'm very pleasantly surprised, to be quite honest. And so touched, because so many people thought of me! You know who you are, so thank you for your kindness! *squishes* I hope your Christmas is lovely so far.

In other news, this post is going to be about TV because I watched Generation Kill, The Hobbit and a few other things )

Btw, tonight is the night where I'm gonna watch The Avengers for the first time ever. My expectations are pretty high, and I blame it on Tumblr... You better be good, Avengers!
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Alles Liebe zum Geburtstag, liebe [ profile] laurelin_g! Lass dich feiern und beschenken und hab nen wundervollen Tag! *drüüüüüüück*

And happy holidays to my entire f-list! I heart you all a lot!
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[ profile] dance_x_mosh, [ profile] gbrosa2008, [ profile] hottie55555, [ profile] jasmine_shassie, [ profile] jessie990800, [ profile] swanando, [ profile] xoxrelientkxox, [ profile] zifag

Most of my posts are fangirly, but sometimes there is real life stuff in there too, so I'd love to know at least a little bit of who is reading them. If you don't feel like it, that's okay too, but I won't add you back in that case.

Please say hi and tell me who you are or why did you add me.

To the rest of my lovelies:

Do you know where your towel is, my dears?
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Dearest [ profile] chatona, have the world bestest birthday! With tons of awesomeness and dancing and lovely boyfriend and cooperative thesis, and inspiration! *huuuugs*

I'm reading The accidental billionaires by Ben Mezrich atm. The Social Network is based on it and it's basically a fan fic. And not a bad one. Not the best, but it's certainly worth reading. Because the author surely ships them.

But then, as now, Eduardo had been too busy chasing his dream to spend time thinking about the awkward kid in the corner. Certainly he had no way of knowing, then or now, that the kid with the curly hair was one day going to take the entire concept of social network and turn it on its head. That one day, the kid with the curly hair struggling through that prepunch party was going to change Eduardo's life more than any Final Club ever could.

or, totally flirting, while they're passing a library. (They've just exchanged a couple of sentences for the first time)

'I'm going to have sex in those stacks, I swear it's gonna happen.' [Eduardo said]

It was an old Harvard tradition – something you were supposed to do before you graduated. [...]

'Baby steps,' Mark responded. 'Maybe you should try getting a girl back to your dorm, first.'

Eduardo winced, then grinned again. He was starting to like this kid's caustic sense of humor.

and of course

Eduardo grinned to himself; in a matter of a few short weeks, he and Mark had become close friends. Even though they lived in different houses and had different majors, Eduardo felt that they had a similar spirit—and he’d begun to notice an almost strange feeling that they were supposed to be friends, even before they were. In that short time, he’d grown to really like Mark, had begun to think of him like a real brother, not just someone who shared a Jewish frat, and he was pretty sure Mark felt the same way about him.

Okayokay, I'll better shut up now.

Jesse Eisenberg hosted Saturday Night Live recently. Click on pics to make them bigger.

<3 )

My God, this picspam went out of control again. I'm very sorry.

And very random, but Boombox Beatsteaks' new album is fantastic! Go and buy it, everyone!
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Hab einen ganz tollen Tag und lass Dich feiern!

And here's a tiny picspam of the smiling BAU team, because [ profile] dunderklumpen requested it over at [ profile] cm_de

So many happy faces )

Sharing is caring! For one week, recommend/share:
Day one: a song
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Day six : a quote
Day seven : whatever tickles your fancy

Twitter. Why? See yourself.
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May 2009 be better than or as good as 2008!

I love you all!

You can call me Auntie Nea now, because my cousin gave birth to a little boy, like four hours ago!
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I'm mentally in Panama already, as we speak, because Christmas? Really not my thing.

So I imagine to be in Panama (not in the third season canon Panama of course) and enjoying the view.

Myspace Graphics
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Have you hugged a tree today?


More trees )
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[ profile] chatona Lass Dich feiern! *drück*
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liebe [profile] schlopki! *knuddel*

Hab einen tollen Tag und lass Dich feiern!
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liebes [ profile] irrlicht74! Lass Dich heute nicht stressen, aber dafür feiern und reich beschenken!

and to [ profile] caramel_maddy as well! Have an awesome birthday! *hugs*

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