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Please tell me who you are and/or why you friended me, so I may friend you back.

In other news: LOTR-Fandom, what the hell are you doing to me? I watched the trailer for the second Hobbit movie and got all teary, and I don't even know why exactly! *lol*

A few days ago over at [ profile] lennongirl's I started a random rambling about my love for the fandom and my epic modern times!crack!AU (it's in German and 114 (DIN A5) pages long) and how I blame Thorin, Fili und Kili for discovering Legolas/Gimli as another one of my LOTR OTPs (I don't know exactly how that happened since they weren't even in the movie, but that's how I roll, apparently) and now I want to write a sequel with/about them.

And now that Pomodoro helped me finishing a fic that somehow grew out of control, I'm ready to take care of the fandoms and pairing I'm kinda missing. All I have to do now I to decide with which to start:

the [ profile] de_bingo prompts (the amnesty period ends this month), where I can write various pairings and languages, but don't have any ideas yet, OR the LOTR-sequel that I totally want to write right NOW, omg!

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