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How is it possible that Kelsey Grammer robbed Bryan Cranston's award? The only person who is allowed to get an award in the same category when Bryan Cranston is nominated would be Steve Buscemi, okay? But not for season 2 (not because he wasn't good. For personal reasons only), which automatically means that the award belongs to Bryan Cranston and Bryan Cranston ONLY!

I actually hoped Kanye West would get on stage and be all VMA's 2009!
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I ordered the first two seasons of Breaking Badas a xmas gift for myself and they arrived just the other day! It's a show about a chemistry teacher who gets cancer and starts to cook meth to leave money for his family.

Of course I had to check immediately, if the DVDs are okay, so I watched the pilot *ggg* and while I was at it I had to take some screencaps almost 200 *cough* don't judge, mkay? and now I share them with you:

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I know I know, this picspam got totally out of control! Sorry!
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OMG first of all: a friend moved to London, like a week ago, and she just lives her dream and holy crap, I'm kinda proud and so happy for her! <3 *squishes*

But I'm actually here to spam you with Bryan Cranston and Aaron Paul of

because they are precious! OMG! )

I ordered the first two seasons on DVD, so expect episode picspams in not so distant future! ♥

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