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I'm doing better, so thanks for your lovely thoughts and comments. *hugs*

Have I mentioned already that I'm kinda in a writing crisis? It's not a writer's block anymore – it's a real crisis.

It started like two weeks ago when I read that fantastic Little Miss Sunshine fic. The characterization was awesome, the plot, the pace. I loved it. And usually, such well written fics inspire me to write better, this fic made me think that I'll never be able to write on such a level, so I could just give it up completely.

I'm not even jealous or anything, I'm just in awe. And I try to get over that feeling of wanting to quit, because even though I'm just mediocre to good in my better days (means when I don't suffer from writer's block, that is), writing makes me happier/keeps me more sane, if you know what I mean... I'm not writing because I want all the internet-fame, I'm writing for myself in the first place. Other people reading it is just the sweet cherry on top ;)

Were you in such a situation before, my dear fellow creatives? How did you handle it?

I haven't written a word since then, but instead started to read in a tiny German fandom, that I didn't even know existed. It's a German crime-series and I'm not even watching it, but people manage to black-out their bingo-cards with it and that made an impression on me, so I started to read it, just out of curiosity, to see HOW and now I've spent the entire week reading it all and somehow it made me miss writing and gave me confidence? Hope? Made me think that quitting would really suck.

Maybe I'll re-watch Little Miss Sunshine tomorrow, and well, we'll see what happens...
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May 2013 be a lucky 13 for all of you! Better than last year, no matter if last year was good or bad.*squishes*

This post contains: random babble about Little Miss Sunshine, me slowly catching up on Game of Thrones and I don't know what else.
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And I love it!

Also I have to talk about J. Edgar, The Avengers and X-Men: First Class so there will be spoilers )

Also, to all AO3 users: is it possible to make fics there only visible for AO3-members? And speaking of it, I keep forgetting my password there. Useless!
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Happy Holidays, my dear f-list! *group-hugs you all*

As you can see I watched Love... actually again and this quote hits so close to home! Also, you just can't go wrong with a film where Martin Freeman is a porn body double and yet manages to be as adorable as nothing else!

I don't like Christmas at all, for many reasons, but this year everything is more bearable, kind of likeable even... I'm very pleasantly surprised, to be quite honest. And so touched, because so many people thought of me! You know who you are, so thank you for your kindness! *squishes* I hope your Christmas is lovely so far.

In other news, this post is going to be about TV because I watched Generation Kill, The Hobbit and a few other things )

Btw, tonight is the night where I'm gonna watch The Avengers for the first time ever. My expectations are pretty high, and I blame it on Tumblr... You better be good, Avengers!
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I hope the US part of my f-list is safe and Sandy didn't affect you too much. What the news are showing is terrible enough. Take care, everyone, please!

In other news, nanowrimo )
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I've just heard that Julie Delpy, Ethan Hawke and Richard Linklater are already working on a possible follow up to Before sunrise and Before sunset. Which happen to be like the only two films that make me cry like a freaking baby, no matter how often I watch them. I needed like half an hour to stop crying and now that I'm about to write why I love those movies so much, I'm starting again.

Both films are so charming and soft and lovely and I don't know... for the lack of a better word... perfect... But of course you can call me a silly romantic fool.

A few gifs from both films )

So I'm not even crying because the news about a possible third part makes me so happy. I don't know. I loved the end of the second one so much, I don't want the third to screw it all up. And I don't think it can be as good as the other two. I don't want it to end like such things mostly end: in a break-up and a try to stay friends, especially if children are involved.

I want it to end believably happy, you know? As a proof that people still can grow old together in love and happiness. That this magic, this chemistry that was there from their first meeting lasts and stays. It may change/evolve somehow, but never passes completely.
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Alles Liebe zum Geburtstag, liebe [ profile] laurelin_g! Lass dich feiern und beschenken und hab nen wundervollen Tag! *drüüüüüüück*

And happy holidays to my entire f-list! I heart you all a lot!
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How is it possible that Kelsey Grammer robbed Bryan Cranston's award? The only person who is allowed to get an award in the same category when Bryan Cranston is nominated would be Steve Buscemi, okay? But not for season 2 (not because he wasn't good. For personal reasons only), which automatically means that the award belongs to Bryan Cranston and Bryan Cranston ONLY!

I actually hoped Kanye West would get on stage and be all VMA's 2009!
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Hope you all had great Holidays! *squishes* I ate too much cookies, but finally managed to watch the first two episodes of

Picspam )
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I hit 14k last night. I wanted to hit 15k but well, story of my life. Other than that, I sometimes love what I write and sometimes... not so much... It feels rather schizophrenic at times...
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Just read yesterday's entry with the day's goal. *lmao* failed. But at least I pased 12k. My goal for the 13th is to pass 15k.

But need some inspiration what to let happen next. Means reading fics, I guess.
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More than 700 words were written that day. Which is not much at all, but since I've written tem being totally distracted, I can live with it.

Today's official NaNo goal are 20k. My wordcount is 11265 in total, so let's go crazy and say anything between 14k and 15k would be awesome to reach today, okay?
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I wrote like 400 words that day, then got stuck, because the kid!fic plot was done (Well, maybe I'll come back to add random porn when all is said and done and I still have enough time and need more wordcount). Which I highly doubt, to be honest, because I'm almost 8000 words short. But I think I've got an idea now where to go from where I'm now.

It's time to start with the part that I've tried to write first, but had to start 3 times and it didn't work. I think I know how to handle it now.

What do you wish a writer? Good Luck? Break a wrist? (Because yes, I'm still doing it free hand)
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Wrote almost 1500 words and had way too little time because I had to write and send two job applications, so I'm very happy. Tired but happy.

The fic or rather the boys are leading me on a merry chase, but I love love love it!
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It has been a good day! I wrote almost 2000 words and yeah. The wordcount is still way way too little. But writing has been actually fun and cracky and yeah, I hope I'll catch up somehow.
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200 words. Seriously? It's getting ridiculous. Now I'm 7000 words short.
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Only 301 words were written that day. Sad. I need to write 1900 a day to be done in time. Right now I'm like 5300 under the given total... Well, but at least I like the story and writing it is fun. <3
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Remember remember, the 5th of November, 8335 words and plot.

Got the plot, well, kinda at least, but only 6005 words so far. Due to last night surprise gastric flu visit, I couldn't write more.
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5131 words at the end of the day. Goal of the day missed by 1550, but who is counting, right?

Other than that I've started a brand new fic yesterday and it went way better than the attempts before. Have written 7 pages yesterday, and it felt great. Still have no idea if I'll be able to catch up, thouh, but I'm not giving up yet.

And I have no idea what it's gonna be in the end: kid!fic? Crossover? Both? Can't say, we'll see...

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