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The anniversary of Kurt's death made me remember all the grunge times and I'm listening to Mellon Collie and the Infinite Sadness which is pretty much one of the best albums ever ever ever ever recorded.

Sadly The Smashing Pumpking lost it over the years. Same goes for The Foo Fighters but I'll never stop loving The color and the shape

But let's talk TV now

Oz: So so so good! So dark and tough, it makes Prison Break really look like Prisneyland. And you know how much I love PB.

All the awesome actors showing up is like a constant surprise party for me! *lol* I love how Edie Falco and Paul Schulze seem to have parts in every show together: Oz, The Sopranos, Nurse Jackie... What's the deal with them?

Christopher Meloni finally showed up like two episodes ago and guuuuuuh, this guy is killing me with his back and his arms and I'm so ready for the kissage, you have no idea! I'm on episode 205 right now, and I also love the thing that's going on between the doc and O'Reily, though it's certainly pretty fucked up. Speaking of fucked up, I heart Beecher, the crazy fucker, a lot, too! And McManus! Basically, so much love for pretty much everyone so far!

NCIS: McGee is my adorable prince and Abbey is my queen! Are they still a couple in the current season? I don't need details/spoilers, just a simple yes or no for an answer. And if it's a no, how are the chances for them to get back together? Because I need them to be endgame.

Much love for Gibbs/Tony, too! In their case it's pretty much 'Don't ask don't tell but make it as obvious as possible' policy. Just out of curiosity: is there an episode adressing the repeal act of DADT? I'd love that. Also, I'm grateful for Gibbs/Tony fic recs, should you have any.

Writing isn't happening lately, but my eye seems to be a bit better so that may change soonish.
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