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Teen Wolf
I'm three episodes into its second season and hmmm,

  • Derek is randomly turning teenagers into werewolves? I know he has to enlarge his pack and stuff and I get his reasons, but I'm not sure if I like it...

  • But who cares about that, when he smiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiled! And Stiles wanted to know how he'll flirt with that woman at the police station when they were trying to get Isaac out! Kiss already, you idjits!

  • Btw, I loooooooove how protective Derek is of pretty much everyone! That's pretty hot, actually!

  • Poor Isaac having to deal with his evil dad! What happens with him, now that both of his parents are gone?

  • And what is it with Scott's boss? He knows more than he says and I need to know why and what and all the things!

    Speaking of werewolves, I watched the second season finale of Being Human US and OMG MY BOYS! So much angst! Can't wait for October, when Syfy Germany continues with season three!

    Besides, I think Aidan and Derek would get along and Aidan and Josh could take Isaac in! *flails*

    Criminal Minds:
    The second half of its eighth season started here and... hmmm no, I don't know... I still love the characters, but meh, the cases are so dumb. Or maybe I'm too picky...

    Crossing Lines:
    Yes, I started watching it and parts of it are rather questionable but I'm watching for William Fichtner and Tom Wlaschiha's nerdy adorability anyway, so I'll deal with it. Is anyone watching it?
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