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I just need to tell you all that you are all awesome and I feel very glad and honored to have you on my f-list and I love you! Your entries are very inspiring and make my days!


I watched the Grammys the other day and thought it was pretty disappointing and boring. Except for The Black Keys performing and winning all the awards in rock-categories. And rightly so!

I think they should have get one for the Best Album with El Camino, but I'm okay with Mumford & Sons & Carey Mulligan winning. I mean, Babel isn't bad...

A very unexpected surprise was Frank Ocean, who seemed adorably awkward during his acceptance speeches, which made me check out his album, even though I wanted to stay away from that hype around him. But I checked it out and I'm not a big fan of RnB and prefer to roll around in Indie/Alternative/all the rock things, but it's really lovely and I can't stop listening to it.

I'm also listening to Jake Bugg right now and hell, this kid is great! Oh, UK, let me love you for your awesome musicians!

It was Frank Ocean's album that made me write a fic for a friend yesterday, who talked me into going to see Basta, a German a-capella band in January, and they were all so adorable and cute and there was even by-proxy hight!porn and I want to hug all of them. And all of you, too!
Anyway, it was a great feeling to write again and happily for me, she liked it!

Oh, and I also re-watched Little Miss Sunshine and can say that I still love it way too much and it makes me happy!

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